SiteW takes stock of its 3 scopes, and joins the ClimateAct




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Fabien Versange
CEO of SiteW
SiteW is a simple, pleasant and very affordable French solution to create a website in autonomy whatever your technical knowledge.


SiteW was created in 2007, in the heart of Cantal. SiteW is a simple, pleasant and very affordable French solution to create a website in autonomy whatever your technical knowledge. We allow everyone to make a professional quality website easily and quickly thanks to the drag and drop system. In a few clicks, the website is created and online! We want to rethink website creation by combining the best of technology and human support. We offer a welcoming environment, an efficient solution, a secure service and quality support.

What motivated the commitment to SiteW?

The commitment came from a personal conviction of the majority of the team. Individually, we generally pay attention to our actions for the planet: selective sorting, composting, aiming for zero waste, using public transport or clean transport (bicycle, scooter). We want to become an actor of change to offer a better world to future generations and fight against global warming.

Why Greenly?

We chose Greenly to do our carbon footprint primarily because it is a French solution and we are keen to support French start-ups working in the field of Green Tech. The young and dynamic team offers a low cost thanks to their innovation, which we liked right away! What's more, the solution is simple and automated, which seems to us to be the most suitable for our very first carbon assessment.

"We decided to work with Greenly for reasons of budget, speed and technical innovation. Paper printing, servers, team travel, in short, everything is reviewed and divided into three "scopes". The aim now is to draw up a clear roadmap to try to reduce our emissions as much as possible in future assessments.

Can you tell us what the first carbon audit revealed?

Firstly, we have noticed that we already emit very little, which is a very good thing! (Only 20 tonnes out of 2020) This is partly due to Covid, but mainly because the digital business requires little transport and resources. Our carbon footprint revealed, as expected, that digital and travel are the main source of our emissions at SiteW.

We also saw a significant factor: the electronic equipment and the impact this has on our carbon footprint. We were not fully aware of these costs and what the carbon footprint has revealed to us will enable us to put in place solutions to reduce our carbon impact.

What actions will you put in place?

We have offset the 2020 emissions. We are now going to look at a more developed action plan to reduce our emissions for the next assessments. The aim is also to raise awareness among the entire team, through small training sessions offered by Greenly. We are currently working on home-work journeys, by encouraging people to come by bike, to carpool and by promoting teleworking (which is already the case with Covid-19).

Finally, as a team, we are going to draw up a CSR charter to commit ourselves collectively to actions with an environmental and social impact.

We are at the beginning of our journey, our understanding and our actions. The road is long. That is why we try to enter this ecological adventure in the most positive way possible. We firmly believe that we only do well what we like. This is also the reason why we communicate about our approach. To try, at our level, to share and transmit what we learn. And why not encourage other companies to start their own carbon footprint, reduce their emissions and offset their emissions.

Find the full commitment of SiteW on its website