EasyVista has carried out its first Greenhouse Gas Assessment with a focus on its Digital activities.




Head office

Computer Science


Sylvain Gauthier
Managing Director at EasyVista
"The Greenly Corporate Impact platform has perfectly met my expectations: to commit my company to its low-carbon strategy, while avoiding the need to carry out a new GHG assessment every year, thanks to the automated monitoring. I was impressed by the degree of granularity of the analyses, especially for the Digital sector: the analyses revealed very important emission reduction levers that are both actionable and operational. I recommend all companies to adopt the Greenly tool to simply lower their emissions."


EasyVista is a company of the Euraseo fund, distributing IT fleet management software on all continents.

The problem

When EasyVista contacted us, their objective was to:

- To carry out an initial GHG assessment simply
- To understand the impact of its digital activities
- To engage its ecosystem

The solution

Automatic data collection

The automaticity of the Greenly tool has enabled EasyVista to understand its impact on the climate very quickly and to identify its main levers for improvement: digital technology and the purchase of services.

Focus on Digital

The Greenly analysis has provided the company with a very fine analysis, and allows it to set up operational action plans, thanks to :

- Identification of the most energy-intensive services, through an analysis at the server component level.
- A benchmark of different data center locations.
- Different optimization methods, including exclusive use of the network and servers.

"The expertise and teaching of Greenly's teams has enabled me to become more competent in Green IT and in low-carbon strategy in general. »

The Greenly analysis has identified very significant reduction levers for the use of AWS services, EasyVista's major emission item.

A tool for engagement

The "commitment" component has been a real success at EasyVista, with strong employee involvement thanks to the awareness modules dedicated to them. In addition, Greenly has enabled EasyVista to communicate the impact of its use to its customers, while providing them with best practices for reducing their overall emissions.

The results

The analysis carried out on Greenly Corporate Impact has enabled EasyVista : 

  • To carry out a complete GHG assessment, with an analysis at the level of the computing instance for the cloud.
  • Identify the company's main areas for improvement. Not surprisingly, data centers account for the vast majority of the company's emissions. 
  • To strongly engage employees on the subject of climate
  • To draw up operational action plans, particularly for the Digital sector.