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For every payment, a carbon metric

Greenly's mission is to make you aware of your ecological impact in order to help you make the best choices for the planet. It all starts with your spending. We analyze your every expense to measure its carbon footprint, and help you make more sustainablechoices on a daily basis.

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Banking offer : enriching the payment with an impact measure

The true measure of your money

Everyone should know the real cost of his expenses. Financial accounting alone is no longer enough in the face of climate crisis. Greenly's Carbon API for banks and Fintechs allows them to engage their community in the fight against global warming.

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Thanks to Greenly's carbon expertise developed by and for its application, each bank can now offer its clients a carbon footprint measurement, personalised advice and ethical cashback to help them on the path to a low-carbon life.

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Measure, reduce and offset your GHG emissionswith the TerraBase API on the Greenly Carbon Repository

Exceptional user experience for the benefit of the planet. Save your customers money by reducing their carbon footprint. Deploy a personalized consulting program and join an ecosystem of green partners to effectively contribute to the fight against global warming.

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How the carbon base works

Greenly's Participatory Carbon Repository integrates with your banking PFM through our SDK and API, to enrich any transaction with a carbon footprint measurement inside a banking application ecosystem. Greenly's Participative Carbon Repository works within a secure banking environment thanks to our unique docker technology.

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Greenly Carbon API for Banks and Finance Departments

Tracking your carbon footprint

The individual carbon budget is a necessary complement to its financial budget. By providing an overview of the major items that have the greatest impact on the GHG balance sheet (housing, transport, consumption, food, etc.), it shows the priorities for action and helps to understand which alternatives really make a difference.

Analyse your CO2 budget

The terra Base Carbone Greenly analyzes and categorizes each banking transaction to determine the type of shopping cart, product or service associated. A specific coefficient, called the "monetary emissions factor", is used to convert euros into kg of CO2 equivalent. They correspond to the ratio of a product or service's emissions to its price or the ratio of a company's emissions to its turnover.

Setting green targets

Changing our consumption habits is the cheapest way to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Behavioural science shows us that we make the most progress by setting small, achievable goals with frequent rewards. Greenly allows you to personalise your carbon challenges, and to enrich your commitment with an experience among friends, so that positive social pressure can be put to work in the fight against global warming.

Personalized low carbon advice

The analysis of your recurring expenses allows you to identify eco-responsible alternatives to gradually switch to less carbon-intensive expenses. The identification of exceptional expenses (housing purchases, car...) that impact your carbon footprint in the long term allows you to make the right choices.

Ethical and green cashback

Greenly provides its users with an ecosystem of eco-responsible partners to reward good behaviour. Each purchase allows to fill its green jackpot and to finance certified projects.

Climate contribution & compensation

The fight against global warming and the achievement of carbon neutrality requires the financing of energy transition in priority areas. Greenly proposes carbon offsetting projects in partnership with EcoAct, to accelerate the replacement of fossil fuels by renewable energies, to protect forests threatened by the expansion of agriculture, or to support less energy-intensive development.

"We are very pleased to have formed a partnership with one of our finest impact startups. We have been seduced by Greenly's participative and transparent approach, which allows us to help our customers to estimate their emissions ever more accurately. This approach is in line with our desire to commit ourselves more to more sustainable development, based on concrete tools that are immediately available to our clients".

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A scientific council accompanies us

To ensure the transparency and scientificity of its approach, Greenly surrounds itself with carbon footprint experts, economists and members of civil society. They independently review the company's work to guarantee the integrity of its approach and ensure a process of continuous improvement of its analyses. Here is the composition of Greenly's Scientific Advisory Board.

Luc Julia

Top stars
Luc Julia is an engineer and computer scientist specialized in artificial intelligence. He is one of the designers of the Siri voice assistant and is since 2012 vice-president in charge of innovation at Samsung.

Michel Bauer

Top stars
Michel Bauer is a sociologist and economist. After graduating from HEC in 1970, he began a career as a teacher-researcher in sociology at HEC and then at the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris (later continued at the University of Paris I and the IEP).

Caroline Alazard

Top stars
A pioneering digital and Greentech entrepreneur, innovating at the convergence of digital and ecological transformations, Caroline Alazard is today President of NewMeric.

Yann Leroy

Top stars
Yann Leroy holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Arts et Métiers 2009. He is a contract teacher-researcher at CentraleSupélec's Industrial Engineering Laboratory. He is an expert in life cycle analysis and carbon footprinting.

Nicolas Houdant

Top stars
Passionate about the energy and digital transition, Nicolas Houdant has been working for more than 30 years to shape data to serve the players in this transition. He is President of the company ENERGIES DEMAIN.

Christian Couturier

Top stars
Former partner of Astorg Capital, Christian Couturier is today an impact investor, active on the subjects of carbon warming.

Chuck Howard

Top stars
Dr. Chuck Howard is a Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia, specializing in marketing and behavioural science.

Antoine Dechezleprêtre

Top stars
Antoine Dechezleprêtre is Professor and Environmental Economist at the OECD and Professor at the LondonSchool Economics and collaborator of Nicholas Stern.

Lucas Chancel

Top stars
Lucas Chancel is co-director of the Laboratory on Global Inequalities at the Paris School of Economics and associate researcher at IDDRI.

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