Measure your personal carbon footprint on a daily basis

Fighting global warming at every expense is now possible with the free mobile application Greenly, the first automatic personal CO2 calculator.


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Hugo Akd

The app allows us to make the right choices, and to challenge ourselves on our consumption. A very nice initiative that deserves just as much success as its little sister Yuka!

Tue 13, 2020
Kelly Cannon

How could I do without it... This application should be declared of general interest. It allows everyone to consume in his soul and conscience.

Jan 31, 2020

Thank you for this much needed application. Now I'll be able to keep an eye on the impact of my purchases, from the train I take for work to my Netflix account.

Jul 11, 2020
Khadija Jedidi

I fell in love with the concept a few months ago. And I'm a great ambassador since all my friends and family are now using it!

Apr 2, 2020

A great app to guide us and help us move forward in a more responsible and environmentally friendly lifestyle change.

Jul 18, 2020

I've been downloading apps on IOS for several years now, this is the first time I post a comment. This app has a lot of potential if we all put our minds to it.

Jul 15, 2020
Delphine Dng

An app that is worth its weight in gold, both in terms of the visibility it provides on the impact of each of his personal expenses, and its simplicity linked to the banking synergy.

Jul 18, 2020

The key to monitoring its impact on the planet, at a time when emergency is no longer a secret for anyone!

Jul 18, 2020

Simple, basic, automatic.

Fighting global warming at every expense is now possible with Greenly, the first automatic personal C02 calculator. Take the measure of each of your purchases, and opt for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Synchronize the bank account of your choice

The system is secured so that Greenly does not have access to your connection identifiers, as we use the banking security company Linxo approved by the Banque de France. Your identifiers are encrypted and the connection to the bank is made in a completely secure way. Your data can only be used to calculate your carbon footprint.

Monitor the impact of your latest purchases

Check your Netflix subscription, your Uber run, your lunch today, your phone bill... Greenly will tell you the emissions generated by each of your purchases.

Discover the best alternatives to your purchases

For each of your purchases, discover responsible alternatives. You will also be able to contribute so that everyone can replace a purchase with a more environmentally friendly alternative. Your discoveries are good for everyone's business, and for the planet.

Join the Green side of the force

When you have already done your utmost to reduce your emissions, you have the opportunity to contribute to "green" projects of your choice that we have rigorously selected for their transparency and environmental benefits. It's time to show the rest of the world that you are greener than Master Yoda.

And after that, you can say it...

"I am Greenly!"

Greenly, it's 100% secure.

A scientific and transparent methodology

Our methodology is based on data provided by the French Environment and Energy Transition Agency (Ademe), which has set up the first carbon balances.

No fear, everything's under control

Your personal data is hosted on secure servers in Europe and is protected by the General Regulations for Data Protection.

Greenly winner of the Fintech of the year 2020

Greenly was elected Fintech of the Year at a competition organised by the Finance Innovation competition cluster by a jury of some twenty experts.


Headlining on Greenly

To answer some of your questions

1. Is Greenly an independent application?
Yes, Greenly is a 100% independent application. This means that assessments of the carbon footprint of the different expenses are made in a totally objective way according to a methodology that we are working to improve continuously. No brand or manufacturer can influence them in any way.
2. Why is Greenly asking for my bank details?
By connecting your bank or your means of payment, you allow Greenly to access your transactions and thus measure the carbon footprint of each expenditure, but also the emissions avoided by your eco-responsible purchases. The system is secure so that Greenly does not have access to your connection identifiers, as we use the bank security company Linxo approved by the Banque de France. Your identifiers are encrypted and the connection to the bank is made in a completely secure way. This technology is used by 3 million people within their bank or in the mobile application.
3. How does Greenly ensure the security of my bank details?
Greenly doesn't have access to your credentials, so we don't store them. To analyse your transactions, Greenly uses Linxo, a specialised banking service approved by the ACPR (Banque de France), which ensures the security of our connections. This technology, used by the banks themselves, allows millions of people in Europe to access their accounts, and to date, no fraud or incidents have ever been reported.
4. How is my carbon footprint estimated?
Your carbon footprint is calculated by estimating, for each of your expenses, the associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The supplier label obtained by Greenly with the copy of your transactions allows you to categorize the expense and thus determine the type of shopping cart, product or service associated with each transaction. A coefficient specific to each purchase category or supplier is applied to the amount of the expense. These coefficients, called "monetary emission factors", are used to convert euros into kg of CO2. Provided by the Greenly Participatory Carbon Standard, they correspond to the ratio of a product or service's emissions to its price. They can also be calculated as the ratio of a sector's emissions to its turnover.