Can new modes of mobility reduce our footprint?

How to decarbonize mobility? Does digital technology have a role to play? Is the availability of metals an obstacle to the massive development of electric vehicles?

Can new modes of mobility reduce our footprint?

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Electric vehicles and digitalization: the key to decarbonizing mobility. A detailed analysis of the contribution of transport to global warming, the description of concrete solutions to change our daily practices, a focus on battery management and optimization, and policy recommendations to go further

"A commitment made simple and accessible! Greenly has enabled my start-up to avoid emissions over the last two months. Keeping track of its business means giving it the means to do its part. It's everyone's responsibility."

Camille Arnould, founder of Kook's

"A team fully committed to its mission, which took the time to explain to me every facet of the traditional carbon footprint before I set out on my mission. I've been with my company for a month now and I'm proud to be a part of this fight."

Vinciane, founder of Kompara

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Amira joined Withings and participated in the development of the brand and sales as E-commerce product manager. She is now co-founder of Zoov.

Wadie Maaninou is the co-founder of the start-up Phoenix Mobility, which is developing a kit to convert thermal vehicles into 100% electric vehicles.

Gilles Babinet is a French entrepreneur. He is currently France's digital champion at the European Commission.