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Because it is urgent for every company to make the ecological transition, we are using the best technology available to create a stand-alone solution that aims to drastically reduce the cost of the traditional carbon footprint, and thus allow real-time monitoring of its emissions without the slightest effort.

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Automated measurement
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Simplified dashboards
Certified low carbon projects
Action plans
Commitment employees
Annual balance sheet
Greenly low carbon strategy certification badge
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Automated measurement
Proactive steering
Commitment employees
Action plans
Annual balance sheet
Certified low carbon projects
Greenly low carbon strategy certification badge
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Automated measurement
Proactive steering
Commitment employees
Action plans
Annual balance sheet
Certified low carbon projects
Greenly low carbon strategy certification badge
Support Greenly Academy
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Frederic Mazella
Founder BlaBlaCar
From now on, all entrepreneurs must integrate climate impact into their business model. French technology must seize this very special moment to deploy innovations that will accelerate the transition and position us as a leader.
Romain Bedel
Co-founder of La Miche
It is the responsibility of all companies to measure their emissions and ensure that they are reduced each year. Everyone must do their part, and Greenly is a great way for a company to do so, by managing its emissions and reducing its emissions.


Big E.

Proactive steering

You measure the emissions generated by your business in real time through automated tracking.

Certified low carbon projects

We have carefully selected our certified and labelled projects, which guarantee total transparency and which sequester carbon dioxide emissions in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Commitment employees

Put your employees at the heart of your sustainable development strategy

Certified annual balance sheet

Export your regulatory carbon footprint and publish it on the ADEME website, and publicly display your commitment.

Communication Plan

Access our communication kit to let your customers, your teams, your shareholders know that the company is committed to the climate.

Greenly Academy

Take advantage of our support on the platform, our expert advice to reduce your emissions. The Greenly Academy ensures the accuracy of the measurement in real time.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is a GHG Balance Sheet? 
The GHG balance sheet, or greenhouse gas balance sheet, aims to account for all the emissions induced directly and indirectly by a company.

These emissions come from different gases (CO2, methane, fluorinated gases, etc.). For the sake of simplicity, the GHG Balance Sheet accounts for all emissions in "CO2 equivalent" (CO2e), by weighting each gas according to their "Global Warming Power", or GWP.
Corporate emissions are divided into 3 perimeters, called "Scope":

- Scope 1 refers to all emissions produced directly by the company's vehicles, machines and premises (combustion of hydrocarbons, fluorinated gas leaks).

- Scope 2 accounts for emissions linked to the production of the electricity consumed by the company.

- Scope 3 accounts for all emissions in the company's value chain. This scope is divided into two:
Upstream Scope 3 : this includes all emissions upstream of the company's value chain: purchases, downtime, travel, etc.
Downstream Scope 3: these are all emissions generated after the sale of products or services: use of products sold, end of life, etc. 
2. Is the bank connection secure?
The automaticity of our solution is based on an online analysis of your company's banking transactions. It is therefore necessary to synchronize your accounts with our platform to take full advantage of our solution. This synchronization is not done directly with Greenly. Indeed, the connection is secured thanks to a third party company: OXLIN.

It is a banking aggregator, which allows companies and individuals to freely dispose of their data, and to share it if they wish with companies like Greenly, in complete security. Indeed, OXLIN uses the same level of security as banking sites and will never communicate your identifiers.
Thus, it is thanks to OXLIN that we will never have access to your banking identifiers.

OXLIN is approved by the Bank of France.

Wouldyou like to know more about OXLIN's security? Click here.
3. Does Greenly have a license to carry out carbon audits?
Greenly benefits from the Bilan Carbone licence, issued by the Bilan Carbone Association. This licence allows the publication of a regulatory carbon balance. In addition, the company is labeled "Green Greentech" by the Ministry of Ecological Transition....which is a testament to the thoroughness of our analysis. Finally, all calculation data are sourced and reviewed by third parties within our Scientific Council.
4. What are the functionalities of the Greenly Corporate Impact?
Greenly Corporate Impact enables all companies to formulate and deploy their climate strategy, in all simplicity, while reducing costs.

The Greenly Impact platform enables:
- To monitor its carbon footprint dynamically
- To identify action levers to reduce the impact of its activity on the climate
- To participate in carbon offsetting projects

Data collection and calculation of your GHG balance are automatic, thanks to the synchronisation of our platform with your banking transactions.

The "Measure" tab allows you to view your emissions by category dynamically, to track your impact historically and to access the analysis of your transactions.

In addition, Greenly Corporate Impact analyses your profile and your emissions, to offer you personalised solutions to reduce your impact.

Finally, the "Offset" tab will allow you to choose carbon offsetting projects, allowing you to contribute to global carbon neutrality.
5. What does Greenly offer for employee engagement?  
When filling in their home-to-work travel information, employees are invited to use the Greenly application. Developments in progress will make it possible to synchronize SaaS to the group of employees on the app, to propose collective actions, communication elements on the company's commitment to employees, etc. In addition, at each stage of the climate strategy, Greenly communicates elements of communication reflecting your commitments, intended for external as well as your employees.

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