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All over Europe, hundreds of Consultants and Experts want to acquire a new skill "Calculating the carbon footprint" . They wish to engage their clients in measuring and reducing their CO2 emissions, the direct and indirect benefits of which they perceive more and more every day.

I join the network of Greenly accredited CSR experts.

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Join the network

Join hundreds of CSR experts on a commission basis through our partner program. Becoming a Greenly Chartered Expert provides you with a simple and complete tool that complies with regulations and is easy to learn in a few minutes.

Manage your customers' emissions with Greenly

Let your customers discover our solution so that they can carry out their carbon footprint, reduce their emissions, communicate about their actions and engage their employees.

Grow your business

Earn up to 15% of the annual sales price for each new contract signed. Our competitive conversion rates will help you maximize your earnings.

Our program

Corporate Carbon Accounting Software
Free and without obligation
Register in a few clicks to become part of our network of experts.
Gain visibility
Join a network of Greenly certified experts and gain visibility on our website and network.
Share good practice
Benefit from the best practices of our network of experts and the complementarity of our other members.
For each customer you bring to us, we pay you 15% of the sale price.
Become an ambassador for our program
Recommend other CSR experts, under remuneration, to build the first French CSR expert network.
Don't miss out on the news
Stay on top with the best CSR news just for you.

Selection process and recruitment of a Greenly expert.

Selection of approved experts

Tell us about yourself. Your background, your missions, your skills...
Greenly presents you the objectives, remuneration conditions and commitments.

Validation by the Greenly selection committee

Once your application has been validated, we will sign the agreement and the code of ethics.

Handling and training

We train and accompany you so that you are in the best conditions to hire future clients.

What are the benefits for your customers?

Save time for your customers

Using our fluid and innovative interface, they access powerful and ergonomic calculators, saving them tens of hours of calculation and writing.


Plans to hire their employees

Your customers can benefit from an overview of their emissions sources, and we will offer them customized plans to reduce their emissions.


Valorize their action

They obtain certificates and can offset their emissions by supporting projects with an ecological impact. Their commitment will encourage their clients' involvement.

You're only one step away...

Accompanying companies in the ecological transition is our common mission. Let's join forces and join today dozens of consultants who hire every day start-ups, SMEs, or even large companies thanks to the Greenly technology which allows a complete, automated and accessible monitoring to all.

I join the network of Greenly accredited CSR experts.

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