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Fintech Award of the Year 2020

In partnership with Google Cloud and the Fintech Chair of the University Paris Dauphine, the global competitiveness cluster FINANCE INNOVATION awarded the Fintech Prize of the Year 2020 to Greenly.

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+20,000 connections to Greenly

More and more of you are measuring the impact of your purchases every day.

Development of our solution for companies

The commitment must become accessible to businesses. With technology, this is now possible.

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France Fintech Award

Greenly wins the Covid-breaker award.

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17,000 connections to Greenly

Greenly deploys its API and integrates banks

BNP Paris, Hello Bank, and the neobank Onlyone are integrating this technology into their banking services.

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10,000 hits on the Greenly app

The ocassion for us to deploy new functionalities, and in particular cashback on green partners.

Greenly is recruiting its first employees

5,000 connections to Greenly.

Pre-seed fundraising

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Creation of Greenly

We are launching the Greenly application, allowing everyone to measure their personal impact.

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We are building the future of green finance, to benefit the rest of the world.


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Whether you are an individual, a startup or a large group, we help you initiate a strategy that will help you reduce your emissions and improve your carbon footprint.