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Automated GHG calculation for your SME

Customised action plans recommended by our climate experts

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Automate the calculation of your data 


Less emissions, more savings

Reduce your most greenhouse gas emitting expenses and make sustainable savings within your organisation.

Your climate strategy, a competitive advantage

Your GHG assessment accelerates your certification procedures (B-Corp, EcoVadis, ISO 14001, etc.) and gives you a competitive advantage over your customers.

Engage and retain your employees

70% of employees are more likely to work for a company with a CSR approach and 80% want to stay longer.

Improve your brand image

Communicate your commitment to your community and your employees to keep them loyal and engaged.

Carbon Accounting - Fully Compliant with GHG Protocol

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Functions of the platform


Automated GHG balance calculation in a dashboard without losing accuracy

Automate all repetitive tasks to track your emissions in real time (Scopes 1, 2 and 3), and to have total control of your carbon footprint. Export a report whenever you want.

Climate experts at your disposal for winning action plans

Reduce your costs and emissions with personalised advice based on your carbon activity and recommended alternatives for all your expenses.

Tools and an app to raise awareness and engage your employees

Involve all of your employees in a positive and fun way, with a challenge every day.

Carbon Tracking Tech to Inspire People

Your GHG balance sheet faster thanks to the integration of accounting data

Carry out a carbon assessment & benefit from personalised advice to adapt to climate issues.

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Your low carbon strategy starts today 📬

Whether they are simple committed citizens, small businesses or large groups, many of them have begun their transition with Greenly. The world of tomorrow is written with all these actors. Here is what they think of us.


Tech for the climate

Thanks to an extremely important work of categorization and data processing, Greenly allows everyone to reduce their ecological impact. Innovation must help us meet these major ecological transition challenges, and Greenly is a perfect example of what digital can bring to meet them.
Cédric O

Minister of State for Digital Transition

To have a quick overview of our impact so that we can act as quickly as possible

The automaticity of the Greenly tool enabled Payfit to understand its climate impact very quickly, and to identify its main levers for improvement: the purchase of services and digital.
Laurène Hermant

Solidarity Manager at Payfit

An example of Tech for Good

It was high time to put "artificial intelligence" at the service of the fight against global warming, in other words, a self-learning technology to constantly refine the measurement of our ecological impact, and to help everyone make better choices on a daily basis thanks to contextualized recommendations.
Luc Julia

Co-founder of Siri and Director of the Innovation Center at Samsung

There is an urgent need to bring other actors on board.

From now on, all entrepreneurs must integrate climate impact into their business model. French technology must seize this very special moment to deploy innovations that will accelerate the transition and position us as a leader.
Frederic Mazella

Chairman and Founder of BlaBlaCar

Expertise that has enabled me to increase my competence in my company's low-carbon strategy

I was impressed by the degree of granularity of the analyses, particularly for the Digital sector: the analyses identified very important emission reduction levers that are both actionable and operational.
Sylvain Gauthier

Managing Director at EasyVista

Raising awareness across the board

In environment like for healthcare, progress starts with the right measure of what you are trying to improve. Whereas Withings enables everyone to take responsibility for their own health by automatically creating their own dashboard, Greenly makes everyone aware of the carbon balance of their spending and therefore their interactions with the community.
Cédric Hutchings

Co-founder of Withings & co-founder of Outsight

State-of-the-art technology

While my company has been performing carbon audits for large organizations for years, I have been dreaming of a solution that automates this calculation from the income statement. Greenly is realizing this ambition with its technology for automatic analysis of banking transactions, which can be applied to both individuals and companies.
Nicolas Houdant

Chairman of Energies Demain and Mobilités Demain

My start-up's commitment to the climate was a priority. I chose Greenly for the robustness of its solution.

A complete solution that meets my company's carbon footprint requirements. Involving employees in its implementation is a big plus.

The symbol of a numerical system at the service of the environment. Thank you Greenly!

An innovative and very promising concept that allows me to monitor the impact of my business every day.

As a committed citizen, taking my measure was essential to me. Following each other is already progress!

France needs a leader in the field.


Committed companies

Join the largest community of companies committed to tracking their impact measurement.

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Hundreds of companies already certified

Whether you are an individual, a start-up or a large corporation, we can help you initiate a strategy that will help you reduce your emissions and costs, and thus improve your carbon footprint.


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The company of tomorrow will manage its emissions to better reduce them. Get Greenly® certified today.

Why choose Greenly technology

"Very proud to have committed my company to reducing its emissions. Greenly is the ideal partner to get started. A team that is super available and eager to train me on these new issues. The on-baording on the platform is done in minutes!"

Thomas Cornet, founder of Walter Learning

"A commitment made simple and accessible! Greenly has enabled my start-up to avoid emissions over the last two months. Keeping track of its business means giving it the means to do its part. It's everyone's responsibility."

Camille Arnould, founder of Kook's

"A team fully committed to its mission, which took the time to explain to me every facet of the traditional carbon footprint before I set out on my mission. I've been with my company for a month now and I'm proud to be a part of this fight."

Vinciane, founder of Kompara

"Our generation must fully play its role in favour of the climate. We can no longer close our eyes. As a leader, it is my duty to ensure that my activities do not exacerbate the climate crisis. Greenly has supported my company and trained me in impact issues."

Clément Cuq, founder of Timenest

"Excellent service! On-boarding fast and absolutely simple. The platform is very fluid and constantly evolving. Thanks a lot to Ferreol, who's done a great job following up."

Jean-Marie Crespin, founder of Previum

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